Beaches on the Gulf of Follonica – EAST COAST.

On this page we present the beaches in  East coast – ” Parco della Sterpaia ”


Spiagge sul golfo di Follonica



Torre Mozza is located in the southern part of the municipality of Piombino, centrally located in the Gulf of Follonica, 10,6 km far from Podere Casalpiano. The beach owes its name to the tower that was built in the 16th century by the Appiani family, Lords of Piombino, to oversee the transport of minerals from Elba. The structure is an impressive complex close to the sea shore, which is still privately owned. The beach has very clear sand and it has an adjacent pine forest. There are both free beaches areas and bathing establishments. The parking spaces are located behind the beach. The sea water is clear ad shallow. A few dozen meters from the shoreline, in about  one meter deep, there is a parallel reef to the shore that seems to be an ancient  Roman road ” VIA AURELIA”. It creates a “natural pool “effect, slowing the waves and stronger currents, with more safety for children and where you can easily watch examples of indigenous fishes.





Carbonifera is accessible in few minutes from Podere Casalpiano. It is on the Gulf of Follonica, enriched by the view of the Elba island and the island of Montecristo.

It’s  a beach with clear and fine sand, it’s shaded by centuries-old pine forest bordered by coastal dunes, in the  coastal Park Sterpaia. It is a suitable place for children because the seabed slopes gently and the water is very clear. There are both free beaches and bathing establishments.

The equipped parking area is only 100 meters from the sea.

Carbonifera is characterized by the presence of the Tower of a Hydraulic Tollbooth, an Art Nouveau building built around 1870 for the reclamation of the plain Follonica.




Mortelliccio is a beach overlooking the Gulf of Follonica, included in Sterpaia Nature Park. It ‘s very famous and popular. The sand is fine and light-colored; large areas of free beach are alternated with areas with bathing facilities. Behind the beach there is a pine forest with wooden benches and tables where you can eat under the shade. There are car parks, bars and restaurants. A part of the Mortelliccio beach, in the previous section to the Corniaccia river is open to dogs, always under the master’s supervision and without obligation to muzzle and leash, except as required by law.





Carlappiano è una spiaggia che si trova nel parco naturale “la Sterpaia”. E’ caratterizzata da sabbia molto fine e chiara. Il litorale in quel punto ha fondale che degrada lentamente, per cui anche i bambini possono nuotare con maggior sicurezza. Ci sono aree di spiaggia libera ed anche con servizi : noleggio lettini , ombrelloni, pedalò. Ristorante e bar. Disponibilità di tavoli sotto la pineta.



Carlappiano: un accesso alla spiaggia e torretta di salvataggio




In Perelli there are available three parking areas ( Perelli 1, Perelli 2, Perelli 3 ) from which you access the beach with fine sand and clear. It is lined with Mediterranean vegetation and it is a wonderful place to walk and move around easily to reach other nearby beaches. There are some restaurants and bars.



Spiaggia dei Perelli